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Getting a pair of beautiful eyebrows is one of the most useful makeup trick on the planet. Many women overlook their eyebrows, or sometimes even worse, overpluck them. When it comes to eye makeup, the eyebrows make an important impression. They frame the eye and give the face a polished look. It is well worth making the effort to get the eyebrows looking right.
Natural eyebrows:-
For perfectly groomed eyebrows in an instant, try combining through them with a brush to flick away any powder or foundation. Comb the hairs upwards and outwards. This will also help give you a wide-eyed look. Then slightly slick them with clear gel to hold the shape in place.
Grooming your brows:-
If your brows are spotty or sparse and you want to fill them in, there are several ways to do it.
1. Take an angled eyeshadow brush and press just a bit of eye shadow to the brow (medium or dark brown for brunettes, taupe for blondes or redheads, charcoal for silver or gray hair). Follow the direction of the brow and extend the brushed-on shadow to the edge of the eye.
2. Pat a tissue on top to blot up any excess. If your brows are really thin, you can pencil them in slightly thicker, but it is difficult to make this look natural. Take an eye pencil under the brow and follow the brow line out to the edge of the eye. Use your powder sponge to press some powder on top, very gently, to soften the line. Then use a brush to lightly fill it in with shadow.
Eyebrow Color:-
To define your brows you can use eyebrow powder or pencil. Apply powder, with an eyebrow brush, dusting it through your brows and taking care not to sweep it onto the surrounding skin. This gives a natural effect, and requires little blending. Alternatively, use a well-sharpened pencil to draw on tiny strokes, taking care not to press too hard or the finished effect will be unnatural. Then soften the lines you have made with the eye pencil by lightly stroking a clean cotton bud through your brows.


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