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Cheek Make up

Cheek Make-up

The rosy cheek, luscious lips, hypnotic eyes creates wonders for you. Everyone wants glowing and hued cheeks. Thanks to foundation and blusher available in the market which help you get gold, scarlet, rose or coral hue. The article describes the simplest technique for applying makeup to make your cheeks look soft and supple with natural radiance.
Tips for cheeks makeup:-
• After applying the foundation, sweep strokes of blush on cheek with the brush from apple of the cheeks towards the natural hairline.
• Darker shade is applied on the apples in circular movements.
• Highlight with the lighter shade. Blend it thoroughly. Temples, forehead and chin areas should not be left unhighlighted.
• Wipe off the excess blusher with the help of a wedge shaped sponge.
Though the color of the blush should be suited to your skin tone and texture and has warmth yet colors as Deep Throat top the wannabe list.
A heavy blush color does not look good on matured ladies; they can substitute with blushes with micro-shimmers for a bright look.
During the daytime, use lighter blush whereas during the night use a darker shade. Going for a party? Just dust off a lightly frosted powder over your cheekbones for a soft and gorgeous glow.
Sometimes it is seen that you did makeup for every part of face yet the complete makeup didn’t turn out as desired but when you look at it again still were unable to find out where you went wrong. Then someone comes to you and point out your silly mistake. Guess what!! You have not applied makeup to your ears, neck and nose. So always remember to cover them with same foundation makeup base so they do not look a shabby patch to your glance.


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