Serum for curly hairs


These days serum is very common term. It is a liquid made up of silicon, amino acids and ceramides. Use of this serum creates or acts as the mask on the hair scalp. Generally these hair serums are used for frizzy and curly hair as it helps in keeping the hair scalp dry and prevents the dandruff and fungal infections.



It is very easy to apply Hair Serum. Just follow the simple steps.

1.      Firstly, wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

2.      Secondly, take a small amount of hair serum, rub the serum on hands and then apply to hair.

3.      Thirdly, don�t rub the hair serum on scalp.

4.      Fourthly, leave it for some time and after that comb your hair.




There are lots of advantages of using hair serum.

1.       Adds lustre: Serums add lustre to dull and damaged hairs. It helps in detangling hairs easily.

2.       Makes hair manageable: Applying serum helps to soothe out the frizz and makes hair soft and manageable

3.       Helps in styling your hair: Serum makes your hair manageable and also it protects from damage of styling tools like heating irons and curling tools.

4.       Helps reduce hair loss: Hair Serum consists of vitamin E that makes your hair healthy and prevents hair loss.

5.       Prevents damage: Applying hair serums acts as a mask to hairs and protects hairs from pollution, dust, styling tools and humidity and also prevents the dryness.

6.       Conditioner: Serums also acts as a conditioner. Generally everyone use oils which make them sticky. Use of serums does not make the hairs sticky.

7.       UV Protection: Constant exposing of hairs to sunrays leads to damaged hairs. Serums also have the UV protection Formulae which helps in damage protection.



You can find a lots of hair serums available in market. So buying a correct serum for your hairs is next challenge. Generally there are of two types - One for styling which only affects the hair�s appearance and the one which hydrates and nourishes the hair.

Sometimes the serums does not suits to particular hair types, so it is advisable to consult a good doctor or expert before selecting serum as he/she can guide you according to your hair type and scalp health.



1.      Consult a good expert before choosing a Serum so that they can guide you according to your hair type and scalp health.

2.      Serums don�t need to be rinsed out.

3.      When you are using serum to hydrate your hair, then apply the product to damp hair.

4.      When you are using serum for styling purposes, use on dry hair.

5.      Don�t use too much of serum. Just pour two or three drops into your hands, rub them together then apply to your hair.

6.      Use mild shampoos and conditioners for hair rinse.

7.      A serum doesn�t suits to some hair types. So if you find your hair too dry then stop using the serum.


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