Hair fall-preventive packs

Hair Fall Prevention

1.  Minimize Pressure:

Don’t tie your hairs tightly. More pressure on hairs results in breakage and hair fall.

2.  Avoid Excessive Heat Styling:

 Though it’s good to look trendy but over styling and heating your hairs makes them dry and frizzy which becomes the cause for hair fall.

3.  Don’t wash hairs with hot Water:

Do not wash hair with hot water because hot water makes your hair dry and then hairs become brittle. Always try to use normal water.

4.  Healthy and Nutritious Diet:

Intake of healthy and nutritious food items makes your hair healthy naturally. If you intake proteins and nutrients in balanced quantity then it will help in hair growth and lustre.

5.  Exercise:

Regular exercise helps in improving metabolism which in turn allows better absorption of nutrients. Exercise also helps to reduce stress and make you feel happier.

6.  Reduce Caffeine Intake:

Reduce the intake of coffee as it reduces the amount of nutrients in your body which in turn leads to hair fall.

7.  Drink lots of water

Drink a lot of water and always stay hyderated.

8.  Use Home remedies and herbal products

For keeping the scalp clean try home remedies and use Ayurveda shampoo. Try to avoid chemicals based shampoos. Always go for mild shampoo.

9.  Regular Trim:

Trim your hair from time to time to keep them healthy and to avoid the troubles of split ends.

10. Keep your hair clean :

Wash your hairs timely so that no residue collects on scalp. Use mild or Ayurveda shampoo.

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