Reasons For Hair Fall

Reasons for Hair fall

There are lots of reasons for hair thinning and hair loss. Sometimes it’s so demoralising also so let’s have a look at some the reasons for hair fall.

1.Physical stress and emotional stress- Stress is the most common reason for hair fall. Whether it’s emotional or physical both lead to lots of problem and one of them is hair fall. Physical stress includes a surgery or severe illness, flu etc. Emotional stress includes tension of loved ones etc. Any stressful event can misbalance the hair cycle.

 2.Pregnancy - Pregnancy is also one of the types of physical stress that which causes hair loss. This does not actually happen in pregnancy but is seen after delivery. Don’t panic its natural.

3.Excess of vitamin A- Excess of everything and anything is Harmful. Excess of vitamin A supplements or any type of Vitamin A medications can trigger hair loss.

4.Lack of protein – lack protein is the main reason for thin hair and hair fall. Be sure that you include lots of protein in your diet. There are many great sources of protein including spinach, fish, meat, and eggs etc.

5.Heredity – Heredity is also one of the reasons for hair fall. So try to maintain the hairs you have. Include lots of vitamins and proteins in your diet. Give lots of oiling and massage.

 6.Female hormones – Hormonal changes is also a big reason for hair fall whether it’s due to pregnancy or due to intake of birth-control pills or at the time of menopause.

 7.Anaemia – Due to iron deficiency you can face a severe hair fall. Along with hair fall you might also face any of the other symptoms of anaemia like fatigue, headache, dizziness, pale skin, and cold hands and feet. So if face symptoms like this then take a blood test to ensure that you are anaemic or not and then take medicines accordingly. Also take fruits and food which help in increasing Haemoglobin.

8.Deficiency of Vitamin B - Deficiency of Vitamin B is also a cause of hair loss. Start taking vitamin B supplements like fish, meat, starchy vegetables, and non-citrus fruits. Also inclusion of avocado and nuts in your diet helps in reducing hair fall.

9.Weight loss - Sudden weight loss can result in hair fall and hair thinning. Weight loss can be due to improper intake of vitamins and proteins.

10.Use of Antidepressants/blood thinners - Some of the medications which are blood thinners or blood pressure drugs can cause hair fall. Consult the doctor and try to minimise the dosage.

11.Over styling – over styling your hairs with the use of chemicals or using hair straighteners or blow drying etc. These practices can actually affect the hair root; your hair might not grow back.

12.Scalp infections – Various infections on the scalp like such as ringworm, dandruff etc. can increase the hair loss.

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