Cause of Hair Whitening and how to avoid them

Causes of Hair Whitening

Causes of Hair Whitening

1. Stress: The high level of stress whether it is work related or personal affects your body and hairs too. Ultimately leads to white hair.

2. Diet - Improper diet is also a cause of hair whitening. Taking a balanced diet helps in avoiding white hairs.Also lack of vitamin B12 is a major cause of hair whitening.

3. Heredity: Heredity can also be one reason for white hair. If your parents also suffered from hair whitening, then you might also suffer from the same problem.

4. Unhealthy Habits: Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking etc also badly affect hairs.

5. Excess Intake of Certain Food products: Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, spices and fried foods result in increased appearance of white hair.

 6. Emotional Shock: Sometimes white hairs also appear due to an emotional shock or stress.

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